Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awesome parenting, Bryan!

Byan arrested for disorderly conduct and threatening domestic violence. Great job!
"Behold Bryan Masche’s mugshot. “Raising Sextuplets” dad Bryan Masche looks like a total ass in this picture, I’m sorry.

Bryan Masche made headlines for his arrest over the weekend in Arizona – he was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and domestic violence.

Making the incident even worse? Smiling from ear to ear like a total tool in your mugshot.

Bryan Masche was reportedly visiting his inlaws in Arizona at the time of the incident, and while arrest details are not 100% clear, we know that a 911 call was made after Bryan began shouting profanities. Masche was taken into custody at the Yavapai County Detention Center and released on $3,500 bond.

“Raising Sextuplets” airs on WE tv."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canceled? One can only hope!

For now, it doesn't seem that Raising Sextuplets is going to be back on the air. According to We TV, it isn't on the schedule.

Maybe everyone was as annoyed as I was with the stupidity of it all!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Recap: 7/16 Dawn of the Terrible Twos Times Six!

The jist of this episode is that the Masches give too many NOs to their kids and it will be ineffective. Yelling will upset the kids and they were told when they discipline their kids, that they don't show too much affection afterwards because the kids will equate misbehaving with love- if that isn't twisted.

While I think it was valuable for them to have this love fest session, does it really make for good TV? And shouldn't ALL the caregivers been in on it so they could be consistent?

The Masches explained their parenting styles and then a 17 year old cousin came over to babysit. Chaos.

They've got so many crappy things in their no grass yard that Blake fell and jammed one of his baby teeth into his adult tooth. And they have to pull it- at least that is what Jenn says (when they get to the doctor, they just have to find OUT if it really did. If they didn't have their crap all over the place.... I think they have too many dangerous things around the kids.

So the cousin takes care of the kids while Blake gets his tooth pulled or whatever. Chaos.

Over drama. No tooth pull. Jenn had been praying and her prayers were answered. Woopie. I swear BryBry is GAY. But they kept his chipped tooth.

Aunt Babs came over to help teach them swim. Woopie.

Finally, they are on Inside Edition.... Let the Major Pimping Begin!

Then they discipline the kids, give them baths, and eat one more time at the baby table. They are going to get the kids at a regular table. then they brought in this dark wood, leatherette chair deal. Is that practical for kids? Really? I smell riches coming on for this family. Gosselins part two!

And DAMN..... they are two years old-- TWO and they are still on BOTTLES. WTF????? I am beginning to think they are mentally slow. And the day they put them in less restrictive chairs, they decide to serve pizza. DUH!

And I am sick, sick, sick of hearing Jenn BITCH about her husband's weight. Yes, significant others should be concerned about each other, but STFU, OK? Don't berate him for having one piece of pizza. Why don't you take care of that nasty assed pocked face you have and your witch nose?

Brybry goes to the Dr. and he's gone from 242 at the beginning to 249. Wow.

The kids ran around with the grandparents. Whoopie.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recap: 7/9 Beach Babies

This time around they have a date night and Jenn trains for a marathon.

The ep starts with the kids getting speech therapy. Seems they jabber with each other but not 'real' words. Bottle time. More problems getting the kids to sleep. It looks like this episode was made before Blake's big bed came around. More out of order editing....

Grams brings over a bouncy house from Little Tykes-- a freebie I am sure.

Then Jenn blabs about training......and about how the kids were misbehaving. So they broke out the food. (Way to compensate). they showed the grocery store-- Bashaus... more free food. She took two kids to the store and when they started screaming, she gave them food. (Way to compensate again.)

Jenn brought out the O word-- yes, "food without chemicals" then ORGANIC. "Sure it costs a little more but it's worth it." Oh dear, another diva in the making.

Jenn works, Jenn reads. Bryan's aunt Barb comes to help. Jenn goes running. More family came over. The kids ate.

Bryan and Jenn went out for the night. Jenn ragged on Bryan for eating dessert. He wanted to feed her a little and she wouldn't let him. Then she threw salt all over the dessert so Bry wouldn't eat it. What a bitch! She said she's into destroying what tempts you. Scary words.

Bryan works out the next days. He has more weight loss.

They go to CA for the marathon. They go on a ride with the kids in a pedicab. Bryan said that he was afraid the kid would jump out, go under the bar to the pier and jump in the water. He said he would have to go after the kid but he didn't want to because the water was cold. My teenager just said, "You shouldn't be worried about the water being cold!!!"

Jenn doesn't wear her wedding ring because her fingers are too skinny. She said she was shopping for a new one. (Already spending the kid's money!)

Finally, Jenn runs. It is supposed to take 2-2hours 10 min. She's one of the first through. Whoopie.

Recap: 7/2 Christmas Chaos

Yes-- I am behind-- or maybe I am just procrastinating. This show is just boring.

Today they are shilling Christmas and riding the Polar Express.

I think Jenn's voice just gets on my nerves. Have I ever mentioned that?

So they went through a recap of what the kid's personalities are like. Do we really need this? They've been a series for what, a month? Let the kids personalities shine! Don't spoon feed us!

First off, the kids are crabby so they get a nap. Jenn recaps that she has to go to work and she's tired. Let's move on from the theme, shall we? Brybry wants to take a nap and bitches about cleaning. But hey! They clean and their family cleans-- not a NANNY.

Then the kdis are up playing..... and Bry makes his son cry... because he is rough with them. Jenn just doesn't understand him (Sounds like JON!!!)

Jenn goes into reinforcing gender stereotypes by saying boys are rough and girls are gentle. You can't have a rough girl or gentle boy?

Blake doesn't stay in his crib and chaos ensues. (Get the kid to stay in or take away the toys!)
Blake creates a disturbance for the other kids. They should all be in regular beds by now.

The family comes over to "wrangle" the kids and they all go to find a tree- except for the sick child. (See, you don't have to take your kids shopping when they are sick, Katie Gosselin!)

And here we go with the freebies and product endorsement. They go to a military based tree store (yes really) and the staged photos begin. The get a pic of everyone together.....

They set up the tree in the house and decorate it. Jenn gets all OCD-Kate on getting the tree straight. Whatever. The more Brybry talks, the more I think he is a suppressed gay man.

Then they cut the kid's hair. Or at least one of them. Then they try to decorate. Jenn wasn't hot on the idea of duct taping the lights to the tree. Gee. What a brilliant idea, Bry.

So they go baptize the kids and Bry has the Hitler haircut in the confessional talk. Then they do the family Christmas card. Bryan swears he hates getting his picture taken but his attention whore's actions speak otherwise.

Jenn's scratchy voice is annoying.

Next ep----

The Today Show visited the family. Still Bryan says he doesn't like this stuff. (Why do you have a show?) They get their kids up and admit it is horrible to get the kids up so early. But they do it anyway (who are they to say no?)

Afterwards, they go shopping in Vegas--- with the kids. Bryan got a really nasty hair cut and he goes to school where U of Phoenix gets a heaping helping of product placement.

They go shopping at, yes Gymboree! Jenn says they got "great deals". I am SURE they got a price break of FREE.

At one point there were only four kids present. Then Jenn went for clothes at... you guessed it! The Loft! (For those of you who don't know...... Kate Gosselin shops both those places.)

In the same breath of shopping for so many clothes, they say the garage project on hold because of money. Gee, I really do think the clothes are free. Then they talk about how quickly it could all be done-- I believe they are shilling for a free garage makeover.

They move the disturber, Blake into a big boy bed. Bryan reinforces gender stereotypes by saying women can't handle power tools. He IS a tool.

They roadtrip to see Santa in Williams, AZ. (Free trip). They pawned nighttime duty off on the grandparents. Bry was slick and told Grams, "If the bed's a'rockin' don't come a'knockin'. WTF?

They play out in the snow. Then they go tubing....then they go on the Polar Express to see Santa....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Recap: Extreme Makeover: Masche Style

In this episode, the home improvement is still going on (although it has never been fully explained) and Jen is getting a tummy tuck with an option for FREE breast augementation. Luckily, Brybry's mommy works at the office that will perform the procedure, so again, they keep the shilling in the family.

The doctor determines he can fix it all with the help of C cup implants. The kids are getting in trouble throwing toys in the pool. Again, Jen has a lot of help. Including her sister in law, also named Jen. (Perhaps I should find a way to distinguish them...)

Again, there is NO ROOM in their backyard and NO GRASS. Only had concrete. Ew.ew.ew. I am impressed they have a good fence around the pool.

They are getting 500 square feet for the kids to play safely. I am impressed that they have a LOT of adult supervision around that doesn't include the crew members (aka Kate).

Jenny takes them to her presurgery appointment with help from Bry in dressing and no one in taking them to her appointment. (Eat that Kate- Jenny said it is "almost" impossible) But then again, she is friendly with the staff. The doctor's wife is a physician's asssistant and Jenny's friend.

Jenny will not have the kids the first week- her mom will have them, but she will have them back in her life aftewards. The implant company (still unnamed) donated the implants. She used to be a C. She debates between 400 cc and 450 cc implants.

Bryan's gran said she should get what she wants because normally you just have to go with what "God gives you". Bryan wants her to get 500 cc.

Havasu Surgery Center got a huge product placement the day of the surgery. She decided to go with 400 cc. Then the drama of her going to the surgery.

Then the gross surgery pics. Breast implants went well. Her tummy tuck went oddly because she had thin skin. and I just about puked. During the surgery, the parents took care of the kids as did the sister.

Meanwhile the kids are guest of honor at a fundraiser for a guy who is battling a brain tumor.

Jenny feels like a princess at a friend's house- the doctor's house. She does too much and doesn't drink water, so she may end up in the hospital.

The kids are prostituted (YES!! The first usage!!!) as an attraction at the fundraiser...Jenny has a filthy dog in the bed with her while healing....

At two weeks she goes back to the doctor. She still has swelling. But she is ready for the holidays. They go to Bill and Laura's house (BryBry's parents). All family members from both sides are invited. Women cook, men watch kids.

Then they talk about being thankful and eating.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make up Recap: House Remodel and Halloween

They are really like J & K. Remodeling the house- (at least they seem to be doing it themselves).

Jen is all pissed because the only green thing on their property a 30 ft tree needs to go so they can remodel. Jen went back to work to pay for the remodel (must have been before the show money started coming in).

While she's busy whining about missing the kids, let me just say she has some big assed teeth.
So she goes back to work. And the work at home piles up. She has a good support system- granny and a friend. Paid or not? You be the judge.

Honestly, granny was way more exciting than the Masches. Jen's incessant narration sucks. Annoying all the way.

Pink eye at the hostpital- hopefully she doesnt take it home. She calls her kids while dad is at home with the kids. Wow. Novel idea-- a dad that stays at HOME with the kids.

Jen singing sucked too. Too sweetisweet for me.

Jen doesnt think men were built to be at home for the babies. Nice to see her reinforce sexist roles..... the churches will be calling her soon.

She spent an awful lot of time on the phone. Will she get fired? Doesn't matter. She has a SHOW now...

I will say after she got home at 4am and got a couple hours sleep before the kids got up... that is HARD.

Again with the filming of private parts as Jen changes diapers. Couldn't they BLUR IT OUT???? Do we really need to see that?

Then they bitched about who does the most work-- didnt we see that in the first episode? Sounds like divorce is on the horizon.

Back to the tree.... they are getting a crane company to move the tree. I hate their homes... No grass. Just pebbles in the back yard. And a damn ugly fence. Seems like a battle ground, not a home.

The tree was moved and the kids got wet and dirty-- and again with the showing of the privates. Do you parents not realize what pervs are out there? And at any time they can send those pictures all over the net. Stupid parents.

Finally they are getting rid of part of the fence...... Of course through this whole thing, Brian's brother brings in his equipment- more plugs for family members.

After the commercial break, they bring in "extra help". Jen's friend is sharing their nanny with her (Sounds like the angel Beth was to Kate). Supposedly this is because they both work.

Now Jen is freed up to train for a marathon or two. (Spas are to Kate as Marathons are to Jen- remember that).

Jen internet shops for Halloween costumes. Whatever happened to just making them?

Did I say how mind numbing this show is? While I'm bored, Jen and BriBri don't see each other very much-- sound familiar?

Family friend Jacquiline (however you spell it ) is the new Carla. She's there to "help out". The carved pumpkins, turned out the light and cheered.

The next day, the Masches argued about carving more pumpkins..... is this really entertainment?

Then it is time for his weighin-- and he lost 8 lbs and his feel good talk with the doctor. He cheated- icecream dots, popcorn, hamburger and three beers. Didn't keep his documentation.

Back at the house...... Jen chastised him. (Yelling is to Kate as Chastising is to Jen)

So they scream about helping out. Someone named Sherry is helping her. "We can't function as a family if we're not OK." Words to live by.

Brian doesn't feel like a priority. "If we aren't good for each other and our relationship isn't healthy, we can't be good". Jen wants Bri to support her. (Sounds like marriage issues.)

So the costumes come. If they have to have Jen go back to work to pay for a house remodel, how can they spend money on costumes..... oh yeah, the TLC paycheck.

So they get ready to go-- Jamie (Jen's sis) helps the kids. they go trick or treating. Whoopie.

Then "Brian and I are together as a team taking on the same adventure". Well, well. Let's see how long that lasts. Famous last words. Cue cheesy song........ and end.